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Digital Tea House Workshop 2010 by Columbia University GSAPP + University of Tokyo. There were three projects been built: Ventilation, Washboard, and Team GSAPP.

Links: Digital Tea House Project (Michael Walch), Digital Tea House Workshop (GSAPP)


paper lights

Tea ceremony scene from Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 9.

For background information please see:

Tetsu Teahouse


Tea Nest “IRISENTEI” and Tea Boat “BOUCHABUNE” (Taiwan)


Black Teahouse. By A1 Architects

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I am so sorry. Goodbye. By Heather and Ivan Morison, Barbican Art Gallery, 2009.

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THR_33 (Teahouse for Robots). By rootoftwo and PLY Architecture, 2010.

Bridge Teahouse. By Fernando Romero.

Ceremony-Ritual-Constraint. Materialized and embodied DISCIPLINE.